About Beta Capital

• Established in 1997

• Headquartered in Portsmouth, VA

• Family owned and family run

• President & CEO: Ronald D. Maxson

• Service: process life insurance assignments for Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

• Staff: experts from the life insurance industry who can advise on which assignments to take and which to avoid

• Value: (1) reduce receivables and increase cash flow (2) eliminate expense of verifying life insurance policies (3) allow Funeral Homes and Cemeteries to focus on what they do best

• Client base: large, medium and small Funeral Homes and Cemeteries nationwide

• Deliverables:
    - Quick and accurate processing of life insurance assignments
    - Immediate, advanced payments on life insurance assignments
    - No charge backs
    - Low rates
    - No promissory note required
    - No contracts
    - Staff training, free of charge

• Reputation: a trusted partner to Funeral Homes and Cemeteries in 38 states


If you are experiencing long turnaround times and unpaid bills due to your insurance assignment process, and are looking for a simpler and more profitable way to do business, we can help you.

For details, please contact Michael Mostofsky at (800) 430-7935 or michael@betacapitalcorp.com.