How It Works

Beta Capital helps Funeral Homes and Cemeteries in 38 states make the insurance assignment process
simpler and more profitable.

Our streamlined, efficient system for providing life insurance assignment services operates as follows:

1. A Funeral Home faxes the “Advance Request” Form to Beta Capital. Beta Capital faxes the appropriate Insurance Claim Form and any other required forms to the Funeral Home and immediately begins verifying the information with the insurance company.

2. Funeral Home faxes the completed assignment form and claim form back to Beta Capital for final verification.

3. Upon verification, Beta Capital pays the Funeral Home immediately.

4. Funeral Home overnights the original forms to Beta Capital in a prepaid FedEx envelope provided by Beta Capital.

We encourage Funeral Homes to look at their insurance assignment processes and consider trying Beta Capital for a simpler and more profitable way to do business.

If you are experiencing long turnaround times and unpaid bills due to your insurance assignment process, and are looking for a simpler and more profitable way to do business, we can help you. For details, please contact Michael Mostofsky at (800) 430-7935 or michael@betacapitalcorp.com.

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