Our reputation with Funeral Home and Cemetery owners



Some names have been withheld as a courtesy to our clients.


"My average sale is up since I started offering to take assignment of Life Insurance as a form of payment. I could never afford to do that if Beta Capital were not getting me paid on those so fast."

Bill A.
Meridian, MS

"The benefits of increased cash flow far outweigh the small fee you charge."

Ben H.
Detroit, MI

"I got tired of dealing with insurance companies and listening to every excuse they could find to keep my money as long as possible. Now your staff deals with the insurance companies and we get our money in days, not weeks or months."

Bob W.
Fairfield, OH

"Beta Capital has played a major role in keeping our Accounts Receivables at ZERO. Beta’s staff is professional and courteous and always willing to go the extra mile to help."

Kevin S.
Virginia Beach, VA

"We have used Beta for almost two years now, and the benefits of increased cash flow far outweigh the small service fees they charge. The fees actually amount to about your average credit card service fee and we all accept credit cards now."

Tom J.
Albuquerque, NM

"Their claim approvers are very professional and very prompt in verifying insurance information. In most cases, we are paid for the claim the same day we file it with Beta."

Cindy D.
Harrisburg, VA

"Our four funeral homes have benefited from the consistently high level of service that Beta delivers."

George S.
Franklin, TN

If you are experiencing long turnaround times and unpaid bills due to your insurance assignment process, and are looking for a simpler and more profitable way to do business, we can help you.

For details, please contact Michael Mostofsky at (800) 430-7935 or michael@betacapitalcorp.com.