Why It Makes 'Cents'

Our clients use our services because it makes financial sense to them. We encourage Funeral Homes to look
at their insurance assignment processes and consider a simpler and more profitable way to do business.


Beta Capital makes the insurance assignment process ‘simpler’ because the Funeral Director only has to have the beneficiaries sign an assignment and claim form and fax it to us. We take that information and:

• Verify with the insurance company that the policy is in force.
• Ensure that the beneficiaries trying to use the policy are the actual beneficiaries.
• Determine what amount of money is available to be used for the funeral service.


When the Funeral Home knows that taking an assignment will be almost as easy as taking cash or a credit card, it makes it much easier to accept assignments.


We make insurance assignments ‘more profitable’ because when the family knows it can pay for the service with an insurance assignment they’re likely to spend more. Asking Funeral Directors and office staff who are already burdened with a work load to also be insurance assignment experts can cause mistakes or delays in getting paid. That will have a negative impact on the bottom line.


According to the Small Business Administration, the number one cause of business failure is lack of proper capitalization (cash flow). Working with Beta Capital means you get fast, reliable, non recourse funding. It’s as simple as that.


Our process is efficient and economical, and gets the funeral home paid with 24 hours of verification.


Our clients find that Beta Capital is one of their most important partners because we help keep their cash flow strong so that they can fully focus on their operations and the families that make them successful.


If you are experiencing long turnaround times and unpaid bills due to your insurance assignment process, and are looking for a simpler and more profitable way to do business, we can help you.

For details, please contact Michael Mostofsky at (800) 430-7935 or michael@betacapitalcorp.com.

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